Gold Panning Supplies

gold-panning-suppliesWe’ve talked about gold mining equipment for some of the bigger jobs, but what about just the individual hobbyist going down to the river to do some relaxing panning?

What kind of things does this person need, besides come good cold drinks and snacks and dry clothes?  Let’s take a look at the various gold panning supplies.

Immediately, the first thing that comes to my mind is a digging tool, as in some kind of shovel, gold pick, rake, and more.  You have to be able to shuffle the dirt around and pick it up.  That’s key.
They make these things called sand scoops that will help you pick up the sand.  You are also going to also need gloves or you are going to end up with blisters.  I’d go ahead and get long sleeved rubber gloves so that they are waterproof.

You can’t work comfortably wet.  That reminds me.  Bring some hand towels for once you get to the panning stage.

More Gold Panning Supplies

The absolute most obvious of the gold panning supplies is the gold pan!  They are made either of metal or plastic and are measured by the diameter, as they are circular in construction.  If you are going to buy one of these, you could go ahead and get a gold panning kit.  This would include a pan, a clean up pan to keep your fine nuggets and flakes in.  You’ll want to consider getting a squirt bottle to add clean water to your pan and not continue putting murky river water back in it.

But there are many types of pans you could look into.  There are hex gold pans, square trap gold pans, and more.  You can get a pan that has a classifier screen in it.  There are other interesting items that have been invented, but I’m not sure how well they work.  There are gold magnets and gold detectors so you can simply find out where gold is, locate it, dig it up, and then use the magnet to remove it from the black sand.  Give it a shot and see if it works out.

Other Gold Panning Supplies

Think about getting very small gold sluices, washers, rockers, and more.  They now make so many tools in small portable forms now that can help you power through some ore in a hurry.  Consider sieves, classifiers, screens, clean up tools for fine gold extraction, concentrators, magnifying glasses, smelting tools for back at home, and more!  There are so many options out there in gold panning supplies, there is no reason to go without something you need.  It is all very accessible in price.  So go get some gold panning supplies and get started!

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