Gold Trommel

gold-trommelA trommel is a rotating cylinder that has a screen in it that is used to filter differing sizes of materials.  It is used in a number of industries, including separating municipal waste, or common house trash, from biodegradable goods.  There is another type of trommel used to separate different sizes of rocks.  This is the one that is most useful for us, because we can used it to sort through sizes of giant stones and help us get to where we can sluice and pan for gold.

There are many sizes of these gold trommels, moving from portable smaller ones used in the trash industry, to the gigantic ones used in heavy construction and mining industries.  As an individual you’ll probably want a small portable one, but a team of miners might get a medium sized one, but it’s going to start getting quite costly.

What Type of Gold Trommel?

Finding a used one from some excavation crew is probably the way to go.  The main thing you want to concern yourself with besides the size of the gold trommel is getting the proper screen.  You might use a gold shaker to shake off the most large rocks first, and then have the rest of the material move into the gold trommel.  From there, even larger rocks may move out of the other end while the valuable stones and dirt fall through the trommel and into the gold sluice.

This exact same concept works for compost, lumber mills, etc.  You separate quality run off from other items you want to keep and you can end up reselling them instead of losing money having them disposed of.  We can keep the great big rocks and send them off for hard rock mining, and we can sluice and pan the finer rocks.  Beautiful.

What Happens After the Gold Trommel

The soil dumps into the gold sluice and any large nuggets of gold can easily be collected from the dead zones in the current.  The rest of it can either make its way onto a water table, or it can be put in buckets or barrels and panned manually later to collect all the flakes.  So as you can see, the gold trommel is an integral and important part of the gold recovery process!