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Gold Claims

gold-claimsGold claims are an interesting topic.  They contain gold mines and placer deposits.  What they really are is just a plot of land, but not just any old plot of land.  Gold claims are plots of land that someone has discovered gold on, whether this be in a creek, stream, river, or loose sediment just out in the field.  What happens though is a person stakes claim to the land and they are granted the right to mine on the land exclusively.

A gold claim essentially allows the discoverer the privileged right to have first pickings over the land.  This acts as an incentive for the finder to invest his time (because it takes time to raise money and gather equipment) and the money needed to develop the gold claim.  Of course you can’t just round up the boys and start digging.  Check with the local jurisdiction to figure out exactly what is allowed or not.

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