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Gold Cradle

gold-cradleAs we continue to talk about placer deposits and placer mining, since this is the method accessible to us hobbyists, we will mention another method of extracting and recovering gold from these deposits.  One of the ways this is done is using what is called a gold cradle, or occasionally a gold rocker.

A gold cradle is essentially a giant rocker, just like you’d imagine a baby being in.  It is mechanical and rocks back and forth and performs the same function as a gold pan, except for it is automated and can hold a lot more earth than a hand held pan.  It essentially is built with a box on rocking horse legs and can be moved by hand, or in the present you can have it mechanically moved by a motor.  It was used to process soil that held gold by washing the dirt off of the gold and letting it slosh out the side, leaving only the valuable, beautiful gold.

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