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Gold Deposits

gold-depositsWhen the phrase “gold deposits” comes up, it is in reference to places where there is a boatload of gold.  Now, this refers to a lot of different types of areas, such as gold mines, gold claims, gold placer deposits, and even within the placer deposit category we have residual deposits, alluvial deposits, glory holes, and more.

A gold mine is a man made excavation created to gain access to a gold vein, which is a location where much gold has been formed and is ripe for the recovery.  It takes large machinery and a lot of money to purchase land to be able to construct a gold mine, but if you can get ahold of these types of gold deposits, you will be rich without question.  Other types of gold deposits are the gold claims, which are essentially any mixture of the other types of gold deposits, and someone has just laid claim to the area as the one who gets to mine it first.

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