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Placer Deposits

placer-depositsWe are now going to dig into all of the various methods of actually recovering gold from the earth.  There are many ways of doing this and much of it depends on where you are looking for the gold.  In this case, we will discuss placer deposits.  So what is a placer deposit?  Let’s check it out.

In geological terms, placer deposits are areas where very valuable minerals are accumulated and collected.  This is done by gravity, which separates the minerals, hopefully gold in our case, from the rest of the soil during the sedimentary processes that occur while the water in a stream is rushing about.  This term is derived from the Spanish language word placer, which has the definition of “alluvial sand.”  Alluvial sand is basically loose soil that has been removed, reshaped, and redeposited somewhere, in this case it is deposited in placer deposits where we can easily sift through it and find out precious gold nuggets.

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