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Gold Mines

gold-minesMost of what we will talk about has to do with placer deposits for mining gold, and most of the methods of gold extraction will be placer methods, however it is worth mentioning that there are other types of locations to recover gold from, but they aren’t usually places that individuals and small groups will have access to.  One of those types of places are gold mines.  Gold mines are nothing like the placer deposits that form at the bases of waterfalls and around river and stream bends.

Gold mines are man made caves that are dug out or dug down into the earth in an attempt to find gold veins that are hidden from view.  There are large pieces of gold all throughout certain portions of land and embedded in giant rocks.  So looking in streams is not always the answer.  If you have the large mining equipment to bust apart the rocks and filter them down, perhaps using sluices, cradles, and trommels you will be in good shape.  But this is usually limited to larger companies who have the money to lease, rent, or buy these enormous pieces of machinery needed.

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