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Gold Panning Supplies

gold-panning-suppliesWe’ve talked about gold mining equipment for some of the bigger jobs, but what about just the individual hobbyist going down to the river to do some relaxing panning?

What kind of things does this person need, besides come good cold drinks and snacks and dry clothes?  Let’s take a look at the various gold panning supplies.

Immediately, the first thing that comes to my mind is a digging tool, as in some kind of shovel, gold pick, rake, and more.  You have to be able to shuffle the dirt around and pick it up.  That’s key.
They make these things called sand scoops that will help you pick up the sand.  You are also going to also need gloves or you are going to end up with blisters.  I’d go ahead and get long sleeved rubber gloves so that they are waterproof.

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