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Gold Sluicing

gold-sluicingWe’ve been discussing the many methods of extracting gold from the earth and the various places to do this.  We slightly touched on gold sluicing when talking about dredging.

But right now we will delve more deeply into the topic of gold sluicing.  So what is this gold sluicing concept about?  What technologies does it require?  Is it something that an individual can do or does it take a team and some substantial money to get it together?  Let us look further…
When we talk about gold sluicing, we are still talking about mining placer deposits.  These are the spots where loose sediment collects and only the heavy stuff, as in gold, doesn’t get washed away.  Gold sluicing has been a pretty common method of mining and prospecting since the beginning.  Basically what a sluice box is, is a man made channel for water to flow through.  The reason it needs to be man made is so that man could design the “ripples” for lack of a better word, or speed bumps even, on the bottom of the channel.

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