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Gold Wave Table

gold-wave-tableWe are going to continue talking about placer deposits and how to recover gold from these using methods known as placer mining.  We have discussed lots of ways to help you sort through giant rocks and how to move through massive amounts of soil at once.  But the one thing we haven’t replaced is gold panning.  Up to this point we’ve been talking about gold panning everything by hand.  What a pain!  Regardless how much we automate the rest of the process, we have to still pan out gold?  Thank goodness for the gold wave table!

The gold wave table essentially pans out the gold for us.  We can walk away and it will pan while we drink coffee and read the newspaper!  So how does this thing work?  Well, have you ever seen those gambling games where you drop quarters in and the machine pushes the quarters off a ledge and then off of another ledge and hopefully then you win?

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